All Knowledge Is Strange

All Knowledge Is Strange

A pictorial almanac of necessary facts. Featuring a unique mixture of new history, negative fact, miscellaneous wisdom and beautiful lies. Tuesdays & Thursdays at & Modern Tales.

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  1. colin says:

    Just read these backwards to here… love it so far. Cocks.

  2. Loolage says:


  3. udgang99 says:

    Read backwards … fucking brilliant … COCKS!!!

  4. hultephlamyo says:

    Read backwards too…

    an Englishman, an Irishman, and a Giraffe walk into a bar….

    haha, good stuff

  5. Chowder says:

    Uncanny! I read every single strip from last to first (i.e. backwards) too. What is up with that? Am I gay?

  6. udgang99 says:

    Possibly so, but that’s okay.


  7. Captain Fabulous says:

    I believe the reason for all this backwards reading is that there’s no convenient “skip to first” button.
    And also because we’re all gay.
    But I think it’s a better idea to read it from the first comic… too bad I don’t get do-overs.

  8. Nestor says:

    I too read back to here, addictive.

  9. Blunger1 says:

    To those who state that the existence of a “goto first/last” button is absent, YOU LIE!

    That’s what the purpose of an archive button is.

  10. Booger says:

    hahah I read it backwards too

  11. Dave says:

    Cocks! I just read it backwards too!

    Its like going back in time.

  12. James says:

    I just read it backwards too, but lolling all the way through 😀

  13. bidoof says:

    noway i read backwards too!
    what a coincidence!

  14. Jenny Sexton says:

    As so many others have before, I just read the comics back to front.

    My favorite has to be the queen and the Lord of the Rings.

  15. Noldstat says:

    yep, like everyone else in here, i’ve been reading backwards.
    yo be honest I didn’t got the comics, “egnarts si egdelwonk lla”? what’s that? I am he only backwards reader that didn’t got the jokes?
    anyway.. greetings from argentina

  16. Ozymandias says:

    I am beyond glad that I stumbled upon this.

    And naturally, I read it backwards from the front as well.


  17. Smidgeon says:

    Sufferin’ stovepipes! Also, cocks.

    Nice stuff! I like your approach to making sense (also that you don’t put much stock in that.). Read all the way back from angelic tech support or thereabouts.


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