Invisible Colours

Invisible Colours

Writing Tip #1: Chartreuse is always a good bet when you need a funny sounding colour.

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  1. The Pragmatist says:

    Great to see you back Merlin. The demise of brain fist left an odd comic shaped hole in my Tuesdays

  2. Excelente. I like the title of the new series.
    Thanks for linking to my comics.

  3. Larry Hosken says:

    I wonder if a deaf person would know which colors are funny-sounding.

  4. minetruly says:

    For years, I’ve had a plan:

    1. I will become famous.

    2. I will get interviewed.

    3. At least one interviewer is bound to ask me my favorite color.

    4. When that happens, I will answer, “chartreuse.”

    Just because it’s hard to spell.

  5. Suchros says:

    Very, very visible.

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