001. Other Monkies

001. Other Monkies

Our journey begins!


The Planet We Keep For Special Occasions

It’s kept pristine.
And only laid out when company’s coming.

Hey look, Mister Extraterrestrial Intelligence.
Don’t we look after our world real nice?

No, don’t look over there.
That’s just some other planet.

Belonging to some other monkeys.
We barely even know.


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3 Responses

  1. Johnny Jason says:

    YAY! New comic series! YAY! FIRST POST OF THE SERIES!
    (I get a carnal joy out of this)

  2. Christopherlus says:

    This looks promising! I’ll still lament the end of AKiS, though quite a stylish ending 🙂

  3. Helena Constantine says:

    hen did the Galapagos fuse into a single island and grow to the size of New Guinea?

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