1. Anyopolis Welcomes Careful Bastards

Ah, memories! Sometimes I kinda miss being a giant floating eye. Mr. Nile has made appearances in a whole bunch of comics at E-merl over the years, but if you want a quick intro you’re probably best off reading the original Mr. Nile Experiment from way back in 2003.


Week 1: Sunday – Had a meeting with my writer today.

Me: I’m sending you into a journal comic, Mr. Nile.
Nile: Journal comic?

Week 1: Tuesday – Hard at work, despite the odd distraction.

Gremlin: Wake up!

Nile: -what the!?

Week 1:Thursday – Another day of apartment hunting with Spooky.

Spooky: I’m sick of this! We’ll never find a place at this rate.
Nile: Nonsense. I’m sure we’ll stumble across somewhere soon.
Spooky: What? You think the perfect apartment building is just going to suddenly loom up out of nowhere in front of us?

Nile: Actually? Yes.
Spooky: Huh. Okay. Fair enough.

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  1. Brad says:

    I can’t tell you how excited I am to see Mr. Nile again!

  2. vole says:

    I remember when I couldn’t remember the name of Mr. Nile or the website, and it took me the longest time to find him again. This is gonna be nostalgic for me too. 😀

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