010. Dwarf Satus

010. Dwarf Satus

What-what-what? Double-length 10th strip extravaganza? But how? Why? Who? When? Um… which? Ahem. Happy 10th strip y’all!


Good of you to meet with us today, Mr. Pluto.
Oh, no problem, I’m always-

There’s no point beating around the bush Mr. Pluto.
We’re afraid you’ve been failing to meet your targets.

Er… targets?
Mass, gravitational pull… you really have been behind the curve for a while now.
So we’re reclassifying you.

Yes, you’re being demoted to Dwarf Planet status.
But… but…

I’m afraid it’s a lower salary bracket.
But you’ll still be very important to the team.

Oh yes. Very important.
In some way.

The Planet That No Longer Was

Yeah? Well how about I reclassify your face!?!

Thas wha I shoulda said.
You are such a pussy, man.

Fuck you Neptune!
Jus’ … jus’ fuck you, okay?

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9 Responses

  1. The Amazing Shea says:

    Pluto IS a planet.

    Fuck the scientists.

  2. Bob B says:

    If Pluto is a planet, so is Eris. No? Then fuck you.

  3. alex says:

    The only reason Pluto was reclassified was because it was really friendly, and didn’t chase away all the other objects in its neighbourhood.

    Fucking clingy gravitational Kuiper Belt…

  4. Monkey says:

    Yeah… fuck ’em!

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  8. SOLIDShift says:

    I still love you Pluto. I don’t care what they say you’ll still be my favorite planet! ❤

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