035. Beastly

035. Beastly

And speaking of scorpions, check out my new mini-comic, Missing Pieces to see Tiffany’s cousin take a star turn in a new story entitled The Scorpion And The Bad Parable. Also: I am now officially for hire. And that’s probably enough plugs for one strip, isn’t it?


The Planet Of The Scorpion Beasts

Those that seek the forbidden knowledge of the ancients, beware!

For you have strayed now into the dread realm of the Scorpion Beasts!

Oh I see! “Scorpion Beast” now, is it?
Oh no…

It wasn’t “Scorpion Beast” last night, was it?
Tiffany please… not in front of the interlopers…

It’s always about your precious interlopers isn’t it? It’s never about my feelings!

Well I hope you and your interlopers are very happy together!

Um, look, sorry but I really ought to… sorry.
Please don’t touch any of the forbidden knowledge, okay?

Tiffany! Baby! I didn’t mean it!

What the f-?

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