13. In Trouble

13. In Trouble

Yes? No? Maybe? Roll a six-sided dice and post the result to the comments thread or tweet it to @merlism. Rolls will be tallied on Thursday and the result shown on Friday. And this week – I am thinking of a number! Who will roll be the first to roll it?


Sorry about that, but we don’t have much time.

The giraffes are hanging back because they don’t know how many I am.

But if they realise I’m just one of me, we’re going to be in trouble.

So… was anything you just said supposed to make sense?
1 to 2: Yes.
3 to 4: No.
5 to 6: Maybe?

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17 Responses

  1. CompuRanger says:


  2. Gristle McNerd says:


  3. ianmorris says:


  4. nico says:

    5 maybe?

  5. DireGyrfalcon says:


  6. Julio Aguilar says:


  7. Steven says:

    Drat, I can’t be first with 2.

  8. Itarion says:

    4. Most definitively a 4.

    Reminds me of a fun game. If there is a pink elephant sitting for every response on this thread, how many pink elephants are there?

  9. lbim and oobie says:


  10. Sigmaleph says:


  11. ChaoOverlord says:


  12. Merlin says:

    The rolls are closed!

    This week we had 16 rolls in the comments,1 more via twitter and a rogue outbreak of pink elephants.

    The number I was thinking of was 3, which was first rolled by @lahosken on twitter – Congrats!

    The final tally for this week:

    1-2: 5 rolls.
    3-4: 4 rolls.
    5-6: 8 rolls.

    So it looks like the high-rollers tipped the balance towards uncertainty. Tune in tomorrow for the result!

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