229. In The Face

229. In The Face

Cromwell – take him or leave him? Roll a six-sided dice and post the result to the comments thread or tweet it to @merlism. Rolls will be tallied on Thursday and the result shown on Friday.


An elephant. There issss an elephant in my throne room.

Beatrice! We have to go now while The Queen is still in shock!
But… but what about Cromwell?

It punched me in the face. There issss an elephant in my throne room and it punched me in the face.

Francois! My God! They shrunk you and turned you into some sort of horribly deformed quadruped!
1 to 3: Bring Cromwell along.
4 to 6: Leave him behind.

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  7. Merlin says:

    The rolls are closed!

    This week we had 9 rolls in the comments and 2 more via twitter, leading to a final tally of:

    1-3: 6 rolls.
    4-6: 5 rolls.

    Which means Cromwell comes along by a nose…

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