18. The Dinosaurs

18. The Dinosaurs

Happy 2018 everybody! May all your sleeping bags be of optimum levels of thickness.




You ask me? I think it’s like that theory about how the dinosaurs died out.
Which one?

About their whatcha-ma-call-its… container things… being too thick.
You mean their eggs?

What? No… sleeping bags! That’s it.

Yeah. Dinosaurs were like… really into camping, right? Because their sleeping bags were just super comfortable.

And they kept making them thicker and more and more comfortable, until eventually none of them ever wanted to get up at all.
And that’s why they all died out!

I’m… pretty sure it was their eggshells that were too thick.

Oh, come on, Doc! That doesn’t make any sense!

Why would anyone on a camping trip want to sleep in an egg?
I stand corrected.

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