30. The Artist

30. The Artist

The “every other available hue phase” doesn’t really have the same ring to it.


The problem is that you’ve been seeking answers in the wrong places.

Science, reason, politics, mysticism… what can any of these really tell us of catastrophe?
Only art – only the artist holds the true answer!

This was my “white” phase. Initially promising, but ultimately a dead end.
Then my equally misleading “black” period.

And between the two of course, I attempted every other available hue.
But then finally… my greatest achievement!

I give you… the answer!
It’s… an empty picture frame?
No, no, no. You must look with better eyes than that!

You must look with the eyes of the artist!
Okay, sure. Tell me, as an artist, by this point – had you completely run out of paint?

And canvases!
But Art! Art remains Eternal!

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