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Kicking Hitler To Death

Kicking Hitler To Death published on No Comments on Kicking Hitler To Death

This was a comic I wrote a while ago in collaboration with John Barber, although I think most folk may not have seen it before as it was sat behind various pay barriers. Now that it’s been a few years, I asked John if I could lob it up at E-merl for free and he said “absolutely yes” so here you go.

If memory serves, it was the first comic I ever wrote for someone else to draw, and I remain pretty pleased with how it turned out. John is of course kept nice and busy these days editing for Marvel Comics. I hear there may be more news on that front in the next edition of Previews…

The Not So Secret Six

The Not So Secret Six published on No Comments on The Not So Secret Six

Welcome one and all to E-merl version 6.0. The new site design launches officially on Tuesday next week, but I decided to get everything up a few days early so I could test stuff out properly. As you can see we’re fully tricked out in WordPress now, which I guess means I’ll be doing a bit of – gasp! – blogging in this space here.

You may also have noticed the big ol’ strip taking up the top of the page called All Knowledge Is Strange. This is the series that’ll be replacing the much-missed Brain Fist. It’ll be updating – second gasp! – twice-weekly here at E-merl on Tuesdays and Thursdays starting next week.

So be sure and tune in on Tuesday for the new design’s official launch and the first instalment of the new series. And some more blogging, I guess. If I can think of anything else to say.