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7th August 2007

And we're done. I've had the last two panels of Brain Fist written for absolutely ages although it took me a while to figure out how I was going to get there. I'm going to run short on space for thank-yous and goodbyes here, so I’ve decided to do a proper news update on the front page to accompany the end of the series. Scroll down y'all!

Oh and before I forget, this weekend I’ll be attending Caption 2007 in Oxford. I'll have copies of the book and a few minis for sale, including a new collection of my early favourites from Brain Fist. I'll also be talking on a panel about... well, it's a secret, actually. Oh, sod it, I’ll be talking about the Avengers script I wrote for Marvel Comics at the beginning of the year. There, cat's out of the bag. Douglas will be on the panel too btw - go ask him what he'll be talking about and see if he cracks.



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Brain Fist has now finished its run at E-merl. If you enjoyed the series, why not check out the collected print edition and my other webcomic serials.