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52. Anti

52. Anti published on 1 Comment on 52. Anti

Oh hey, it’s the crabs guy! Also – sorry this update is a day late. E-merl has had some weird WordPress issues that brought the whole site down for a few days and is now requiring me to rebuild and redesign large chunks of the website. Apologies for things looking kind of crappy for the next week or so while I get everything up and running again.

51. Reincarnation

51. Reincarnation published on No Comments on 51. Reincarnation

Hey folks, a little announcement – for those interested in taking a peek at Ghosts delivered in a slightly different way, I’m experimenting with also running the series as a scrolling webtoon. I’m going to run it twice a week at Webtoon until the audience there gets caught up – dive in now to relive the early strips in their new, phone-friendly format.