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The Iron Mant Cometh

The Iron Mant Cometh published on No Comments on The Iron Mant Cometh

Did my lettering pass over Emperor None today and, y’know, I’m pretty pleased with it. Everything feels like it’s clicking with the words in place – I thought I might want to tweak quite a lot once I actually saw it on the page, but in the end it all seemed to fit just fine. Although it’s still a shock to see a character I grew up with in Saturday morning cartoons speaking my words (Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends fans represent!).

In related matters there have been of bunch more Giant Size Avengers interviews over at Newsarama. Make with the clicking to learn all about the return of the Fing Fang Four and get the inside scoop on C.B Cebulski and Jim Cheung’s contributions to the book.

Yap Yap Yap

Yap Yap Yap published on 2 Comments on Yap Yap Yap

The second round of Avengers hype is up at Newsarama and this time it’s myself and my fellow writers who get to strut our stuff. Douglas, T and Matt handle their questions with deft wit and aplomb while I… talk far too much. About everything.

Ooh, and check out some of the disgruntled Marvel-zombie responses that pop up in the comments thread following the article. Never bite the nerd that turns, or something like that.

Selling Out For Fun & Profit

Selling Out For Fun & Profit published on No Comments on Selling Out For Fun & Profit

Hey, so I’ve decided to try running some adverts at E-merl via Project Wonderful. This only works if there’s actually someone interested in advertising here, so who knows if anything will come of it or not. But watch that space to the right for the possible unfolding of exciting new adventures in commerce.

Elsewhere, the Giant Size Avengers hype trail has started to kick up a notch. Check out our editor John Barber’s thoughts on how the book came about and why I’m great at Newsarama. I turn up to do some shilling in the comments thread and will also be doing a proper follow up interview there at some point soon-ish. More news as it develops.

And lastly, for those of the journal keeping persuasion, I’ve finally got round to adding an E-merl Livejournal feed. Now you can keep up to date with all the latest nonsense and bits of news I type here without even having to leave the comfort of your “friends” page. Ain’t the future grand?

Let’s Not Talk About Douglas

Let’s Not Talk About Douglas published on No Comments on Let’s Not Talk About Douglas

I got invited to the Lingua Comica closing reception at the Japanese Embassy in London last night. First time I’ve been to an official embassy function and I guess technically I can now say I’ve set foot on Japanese soil. Well, carpeting. Good fun was had by all, not least because every time I downed my glass of wine a waiter passed by to top it up. You can check out the Lingua Comica collaborations at their website over here. Well worth a look, I’d say.

Oh, go on then – let’s talk about Douglas. Mr. Noble has just begun a new interview series under the catchy title, Let’s Not Talk About Comics. Kieron is the inaugural guest, set the near-impossible task of not talking about comics for the length of almost an entire interview. Does he succeed? Only one way to find out.

Never Shoot The Chronopath

Never Shoot The Chronopath published on 3 Comments on Never Shoot The Chronopath

I almost, almost, almost got my 24 hour comic finished on time but then didn’t. All the actual art, words and layout were finished by 12:39pm, which was cool, but then I had to drive my housemate to the train station and I still needed to add the registry panels that make the Tarquin Engine work. So I went over by an hour or so all told, which isn’t too bad, considering.

Anyway, take a look see: Never Shoot The Chronopath

Now I’m off to have a shave and then go jump on a train to get to the ICA for my talk at 4pm. Sleep depravation plus public speaking! Yay!

Comics + Sleep Deprivation = ComICA 07

Comics + Sleep Deprivation = ComICA 07 published on No Comments on Comics + Sleep Deprivation = ComICA 07

This Sunday I’ll be giving a talk on webcomics as part of ComICA 07 at the ICA in London. Here’s the blurb from the ICA website:

Comica Collaboratories (4pm – 5pm)
Webcomics wizard Daniel Merlin Goodbrey (Last Sane Cowboy & Other Stories) guides you through experiments in online comics, including cutting-edge blog collaborations by Lingua Comica’s participants.

You can get the full low down on all the rest of this year’s ComICA related events from Paul Gravett. I’ll also be taking part in 24 Hour Comics Day starting on Saturday and going through till Sunday, just before I’m due to give the talk. It may be worth turning up just to see what nonsense I come up with following 24 hours of comics enforced sleep deprivation.

I’ve made 24 hour comics three times before (here, here and here) but this will be the first year I’ve participated in what now seems to be the official annual day of 24ing. Hopefully I will not mess up too badly while everyone is watching.

Birmingham! So good, they named it.

Birmingham! So good, they named it. published on No Comments on Birmingham! So good, they named it.

This weekend it’s time for the now hopefully annual Birmingham International Comics Show. I’ll be there once again, sharing a table with Douglas and Dave. I’ll also be on a panel on Sunday morning called “Small Press – Big Future” which will be about… oh, I dunno, small press comic stuff I guess. You should come along, it’s bound to be a hoot.

The Formalist In New York

The Formalist In New York published on 1 Comment on The Formalist In New York

I just heard that my hypercomic, The Formalist is currently on show as part of the “Infinite Canvas: Art of Webcomics” exhibition at the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art in New York.

The show runs till the 19th January and, judging by the list of webcomics folk involved, should be well worth taking a look-see if you’re in the area.

In unrelated news – ooh look, Strip For Me has gone and got itself a redesign.

Giant-size Avengers Special #1

Giant-size Avengers Special #1 published on 7 Comments on Giant-size Avengers Special #1




As the Avengers battle to take down the Serpent Society, the team recalls never-before-told tales of their past! Watch as: Spider-Man tries to integrate into a team and learns a thing or two about history, Luke Cage and Wolverine go toe-to-toe against a terrifying cosmic foe, Henry Peter Gyrich becomes an unlikely hero on an unlikely world, and Jarvis the butler cleans house…after some robot Vikings drop by unexpectedly.

On top of all that—it’s the return of the critically-acclaimed Fin Fang Four by Scott Grey and Roger Langridge! That’s 55 pages of all-new comics, PLUS classic reprints from Avengers history! 96 PGS./Rated A …$4.99

The above is the solicitation info for the Avengers book containing my first story for Marvel Comics – Emperor None & The Sky Full Of Moons. The bit where it says “Luke Cage and Wolverine go toe-to-toe against a terrifying cosmic foe” is me. Spider-man is actually in it too and it’s drawn by the rather talented Brian Denham.

The book will be out on 19th December, but if you could all run out and pre-order it from your local comic shop now, this would be much appreciated.

Friday Buisness

Friday Buisness published on No Comments on Friday Buisness

Just finished getting AKiS set up on Modern Tales, so now you can pop over there if you want to find out how to tooncast the strip to your own website. Also, since it’s Friday, I should really mention my other weekly strip The Rule of Death over on Serializer. Two pages left to go in Chapter Four and poor old Pete Colby has just been shot in the chest, so things aren’t looking too good for him.

I also managed to finish writing all of Chapter Five this week – I try and stay a chapter ahead of Douglas so that he doesn’t run out of things to draw.  Chapter Four seemed to keep getting longer and longer in the writing and ended up being done in smaller chunks as time allowed, so it feels good to have a full chapter of pages under the belt again.