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The Last Sane Cowboy – $12.95

Earth has unfolded. Reality has stretched out into its truer and more terrible shape. Now an insane cowgirl stalks the prairie in search of her missing brother. A heartbroken lover confronts the creature masquerading as his stolen house. And a refugee from a lost dimension ponders the impossible existence of cheese.

The Last Sane Cowboy & Other Stories forms the definitive collection of my Unfolded Earth short stories to date. Alongside the Isotope Award winning title story sit four other equally surreal tales, including a new reworked version of the popular but long out of print I Bleed Scorpions. The volume also contains a brand new introduction and extensive notes section that sheds further light on the origins and intricacies of life on an Unfolded Earth. Preview Pages:

I Bleed Scorpions
The Last Sane Cowboy
The Girl Who Talked
The House That Wasn’t Her
Just Another Guy With A Planet For A Head

Published through AiT/PlanetLAR, the book clocks in at around 112 grey-tone pages inside a striking new colour cover. Those without a comic shop nearby can order the book through Amazon or at any other bookshop that takes your fancy.

Brain Fist – $11.50 plus $1 S&H

The wet sound a brain makes when it punches you in the face. An abandoned TV set crying in the rain because Nobody Understands and Times Change and Who Really Cares Now Anyway? What kind of person brings an exploding nun to a knife fight? Brain Fist. Comics you hold in your head.

Brain Fist was originally serialised on the web from June 2005 to August 2007 at It was one of the first comic series designed specifically for reading on the Apple iPod, back when the iPhone was still just a twinkle in Steve Jobs’ eye. This book is the first time the entire series has been collected in a single, full colour print edition. It’s also the first time I’ve self-published a trade, meaning the book is available exclusively via E-merl or whatever booth I’m manning at your local comic convention.

Missing Pieces – $3.50 plus $1 S&H

I’ve created a number of short stories for various different comics anthologies over the years, some of which are now rather hard to come by in the original collections. Missing Pieces gathers together five such tales (Robot Heart, Recollections Of A Finer World, The Exploded Cat, The Other Side and The Right Eye Of Mickey Rourke) and adds to their number a brand new story created especially for the collection (The Scorpion & The Bad Parable).

100 Planets: First Orbit – $3.50 plus $1 S&H

Being an inaugural tour of the first nineteen planetary bodies in an intended one hundred planet sequence. First Orbit consists of twenty-one pages of interstellar strangeness that have been specially reformatted to take advantage of the retrograde wonders of black & white reproduction. Plus! Order yours today and receive an exciting Technicolor cover at no extra charge!

All Knowledge Is Strange – $3.50 plus $1 S&H

A pictorial almanac of necessary facts. Featuring a unique mixture of new history, negative fact, miscellaneous wisdom and beautiful lies. This mini-comic collects 52 of my favourite strips from the first six months of the series, reproduced in glorious greyscale under a colour cover.