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74. Sunday Ad Infinitum ~ Conclusion

74. Sunday Ad Infinitum ~ Conclusion published on 2 Comments on 74. Sunday Ad Infinitum ~ Conclusion

The End? Why yes, it is.

Okay, I’ll admit, it wasn’t the original planned end for the Nile Journals. When Nile originally ran on Serializer, I got a few episodes in to one final storyline called Journal’s End that would hopefully have wrapped things up a bit more neatly. But then Serializer got badly hacked, crashed spectacularly and was out of commission for a while, with the whole of the Nile database needing re-uploading by hand. And… I was done. In the intervening weeks I’d moved on, with new projects taking up my time and no real interest in revisiting old ground.

So this is how the Journal ends – not with a bang but with a question mark. Thanks very much for sticking with the series during it’s rebroadcast. I’m glad I finally managed to get the whole thing back up online at E-merl and I hope I provided at least a little new insight into the series’ creation and my working process. For fans of Mr. Nile, I can assure you he will return at some point in the future – probably when you and I both least expect it.

So until that strange and unexpected day; be seeing you!


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