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In which I say “er” a lot.

In which I say “er” a lot. published on No Comments on In which I say “er” a lot.

Point your inter-browser at these co-ordinates and you can now download the electrical podcast trickery of myself and Alex Fitch ruminating on the subject of comic periodicals and my own pathway into said medium. Huzah!

Oh, and because I mention it in the interview – Yes, I’m writing something else for Marvel at the moment. Don’t think I’m allowed to say what yet, but it’ll probably start appearing in a Marvel comic near you towards the end of the year. More news as it happens.

Robotic Resonance

Robotic Resonance published on No Comments on Robotic Resonance

Two bits of unrelated news linked by the letter R. First off, I just recorded a radio interview with Alex Fitch for London based Resonance FM. I’m convinced I blathered like a crazy person, but Alex assures me otherwise. I guess you can judge for yourself if you’re in London on Thursday and tune to 104.4 FM at 5pm. There’ll also apparently be a podcast of the interview available, so I’ll throw the link up for that as soon it goes live.

My second R of the day stands for Robots, the new anthology book from Accent UK which is now available for order via Diamond in good comic shops everywhere. I mention this because I’ve got a story in the book called Robot Heart about a guy with, well, a robot heart. Head over to the Accent UK site to see further previews from the other contributors. Looks to be a fun anthology judging from all the names involved and the work on display.

Le Dernier Cow-Boy

Le Dernier Cow-Boy published on 2 Comments on Le Dernier Cow-Boy

Le Dernier Cow-Boy Raisonnable Le Dernier Cow-Boy Raisonnable & Autres Histoires will be out from L’AN 2 on the 15th May. Take a look at the cover on the left and you’ll notice it looks a lot like the American version, only more French. Just the cover image alone may not do the new edition justice though – my publisher Thierry Groensteen sounds determined to raise the production quality on the book across the board. Needless to say I’m getting quite excited about the prospect of seeing the thing in the papery French flesh.

Meanwhile, on an island nearer to home, nominations for the Eagle Awards are underway. A better man might not beg for your votes, but I am not that man. Those wishing to stroke my ego could perhaps drop my name in the Favourite Newcomer Writer category. Of course, feel free to shoehorn mentions for me or my work into as many other categories as possible (Emperor None for best comics villain, anyone?). There’s a proud tradition of ballot stuffing when it comes to the Eagle Awards and it’s great to see the whole Internet able to play the game this year.

The Man, The Legend, The Chiken

The Man, The Legend, The Chiken published on No Comments on The Man, The Legend, The Chiken

Cruising my referral logs today I discovered to my joy that Paul “Chiken” Fryer has his website back up and, even cooler, has now finished his long awaited Friends In Spring comic. Go check it out, it’s aces!

In completely unrelated news (and just because I let the cat out of the bag on a thread over at Whitechapel) there’s going to be a French edition of The Last Sane Cowboy coming out later this year from L’An 2. Le Woot! Not much in the way of details yet – it’s still going through the translation process at the moment – but as soon as I know more, so will you.

Sweet Christmas!

Sweet Christmas! published on No Comments on Sweet Christmas!

It occurs to me that I wrote Luke Cage into a comic that came out the week of Christmas and yet at no point in the story does he say the above. I fail! Still, hopefully the rest of the story will prove my redemption, which you can all judge for yourselves as Giant Size Avengers Special #1 should now be out in comic shops everywhere.

If further convincing is needed, I did another little interview about the book over at The Pulse. In fact I did two interviews, the second focusing in detail on All Knowledge Is Strange. Oh, and there’s some preview art from the book up at CBR too. Although none from my story, now I think about it. Why don’t I fix that by putting up a black and white preview of the first page right here? Done!

The Iron Mant Cometh

The Iron Mant Cometh published on No Comments on The Iron Mant Cometh

Did my lettering pass over Emperor None today and, y’know, I’m pretty pleased with it. Everything feels like it’s clicking with the words in place – I thought I might want to tweak quite a lot once I actually saw it on the page, but in the end it all seemed to fit just fine. Although it’s still a shock to see a character I grew up with in Saturday morning cartoons speaking my words (Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends fans represent!).

In related matters there have been of bunch more Giant Size Avengers interviews over at Newsarama. Make with the clicking to learn all about the return of the Fing Fang Four and get the inside scoop on C.B Cebulski and Jim Cheung’s contributions to the book.

Yap Yap Yap

Yap Yap Yap published on 2 Comments on Yap Yap Yap

The second round of Avengers hype is up at Newsarama and this time it’s myself and my fellow writers who get to strut our stuff. Douglas, T and Matt handle their questions with deft wit and aplomb while I… talk far too much. About everything.

Ooh, and check out some of the disgruntled Marvel-zombie responses that pop up in the comments thread following the article. Never bite the nerd that turns, or something like that.

Selling Out For Fun & Profit

Selling Out For Fun & Profit published on No Comments on Selling Out For Fun & Profit

Hey, so I’ve decided to try running some adverts at E-merl via Project Wonderful. This only works if there’s actually someone interested in advertising here, so who knows if anything will come of it or not. But watch that space to the right for the possible unfolding of exciting new adventures in commerce.

Elsewhere, the Giant Size Avengers hype trail has started to kick up a notch. Check out our editor John Barber’s thoughts on how the book came about and why I’m great at Newsarama. I turn up to do some shilling in the comments thread and will also be doing a proper follow up interview there at some point soon-ish. More news as it develops.

And lastly, for those of the journal keeping persuasion, I’ve finally got round to adding an E-merl Livejournal feed. Now you can keep up to date with all the latest nonsense and bits of news I type here without even having to leave the comfort of your “friends” page. Ain’t the future grand?

Let’s Not Talk About Douglas

Let’s Not Talk About Douglas published on No Comments on Let’s Not Talk About Douglas

I got invited to the Lingua Comica closing reception at the Japanese Embassy in London last night. First time I’ve been to an official embassy function and I guess technically I can now say I’ve set foot on Japanese soil. Well, carpeting. Good fun was had by all, not least because every time I downed my glass of wine a waiter passed by to top it up. You can check out the Lingua Comica collaborations at their website over here. Well worth a look, I’d say.

Oh, go on then – let’s talk about Douglas. Mr. Noble has just begun a new interview series under the catchy title, Let’s Not Talk About Comics. Kieron is the inaugural guest, set the near-impossible task of not talking about comics for the length of almost an entire interview. Does he succeed? Only one way to find out.

Never Shoot The Chronopath

Never Shoot The Chronopath published on 3 Comments on Never Shoot The Chronopath

I almost, almost, almost got my 24 hour comic finished on time but then didn’t. All the actual art, words and layout were finished by 12:39pm, which was cool, but then I had to drive my housemate to the train station and I still needed to add the registry panels that make the Tarquin Engine work. So I went over by an hour or so all told, which isn’t too bad, considering.

Anyway, take a look see: Never Shoot The Chronopath

Now I’m off to have a shave and then go jump on a train to get to the ICA for my talk at 4pm. Sleep depravation plus public speaking! Yay!