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X2: Er… right.
X2: That’s… good? I guess?

X2: Wait. What game are we playing tonight?
Tachelock: And just how revengy is it? Say on a scale of one to all of us being brutally murdered?

JEDCØP: “Murder” will not specifically be a concern, as in this game we play as spectral remnants of previously deceased organic entities.
Tachelock: What?
X2: Oh! You mean ghosts?

JEDCØP: Spectral remnants! But “ghosts” is also an acceptable term, yes.

JEDCØP: Tonight’s game is a called “The Pacman.” It is a classic from the ancient past of JEDCØP’s prime timeline.
X2: Ooh! Sounds like we’re in for some good, retro fun.

Tachelock: Ugh. If “classic” means “designed by a human” then count me out.
Tachelock: Humans make the worst games.

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