The Mr. Nile Experiment
2: Hidden In You
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This is the first time I've been a comic. Personally, I mean.
Oh, I've been mentioned here and there.

And I've turned up in the odd hyperfiction or two.

But I've never really been what you'd call 'on panel' before.
Being here now wasn't
a decision I made lightly.
There are several powerful narrative entities native to comics and few of them are particularly friendly towards creatures like me.
Before fully committing myself, I thought it was wise to take a few precautions.
So I hid my soul in a jar of salt.
And I hid the jar in a painted a box.
And I hid the box in an old cupboard.
And I hid the cupboard in a dark room.
And I hid the room in a forgotten house.

And I hid the house in an empty panel.

And I hid the panel
in a simple story.
  And I hid the
story in you.
I'm sure you'll keep it safe for me.
Now, I think we're nearly ready to get this show on the road.
But first:

  Ah. That's better.
  You can't spend any serious amount of time inside a comic without a good set of panels to travel in.
  (Surprisingly roomy inside
these things, you know?)
Anyway. Shall we begin?
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