They Call Him Doctor Comics

The Impact of Digital Mediation and Hybridisation on the Form of ComicsNow obviously, no one is actually calling me anything of the sort. But if someone wanted to call me that, they now officially could. Because yes, I am finally and officially Doctor Daniel Merlin Goodbrey (DDes). Wooooooo! The minor corrections I did on my thesis over the summer were agreed by my lovey examination team (thanks so much Roger Sabin and Paul Williams!) and so I can now share my finished thesis with the internet in general.

The Impact of Digital Mediation and Hybridisation on the Form of Comics has received it’s own page at E-merl, which you can read by clicking that little ol’ hyperlink I snuck into the start of this sentence. You can either grab the whole thing as one handy PDF, or digest it in leisurely chaptered PDF chunks. I’ve also included links to the comics I made as part my thesis and uploaded a new video of Black Hats In Hell for your viewing pleasure. I hope academic folk who are interested find the whole thing useful, and that non-academic folk who read it will forgive the rather clunky writing style that the form demanded I adopt.

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