19. Literally Everybody

19. Literally Everybody

Holy crap, continuity! This week’s strip continues from last week’s and mentions events back in episode two.


So you think the world ended because we all got too comfortable?
No, I’m saying we’re too comfortable now.

We’re all trapped in our nice thick dinosaur sleeping bags-
-Sleeping bags, and we’re too comfortable to do anything about it.

I mean, literally everybody died and yet here we all still are and no one’s doing anything!

That’s not true. I had sex with an aardvark.

Okay fine, nothing actually productive.
Hey! That’s hardly fair.

I believe my actions have helped to heal the harsh emotional divide that has existed for generations between man and aardvark.

And that’s helpful, is it? You think aardvarks hold the secret solution to everything?
Well, if they do, I think now they’ll certainly be a little more inclined to share it.

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