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A Final Dream of Clocks

A Final Dream of Clocks - 25/5/2001

I resolved to rid myself of all the ideas clogging up my notebook. Here for your enjoyment is the resulting story of twelve parts and infinite paths. Much thanks to Future Wave Shaper for the loops.

Wrong Planet - 7/3/2001

Not one, not two, not three but an astounding three-and-a-half games come packed inside the thrilling life experience known as Wrong Planet. Shoot first, ask "why bother?" later.

The Death of Orpheus - 6/2/2001

Chastise Orpheus for being such a moping stick-in-the-mud by giving him a firm dismembering. It's musical fun for all the family in this Shockwave based interactive torture simulation.

Dreamload - 5/2/2001

Welcome to a short tour of my head. This was the first piece I produced using Shockwave and lingo scripting, although it continues several of the themes from my recent Flash work.


Undertone - 3/12/2000

Another little experiment in my continuing quest to master the intricacies of Flash action scripting. Go looking for the undertone before it comes looking for you.

The Aleph - 27/11/2000

"How can one transmit to others the infinite Aleph?" asked Jorge Luis Borges. "How about I use Flash to adapt your short story as a hyperfiction narrative?" I answered. Being dead, he didn't reply.

Henry's Story - 22/11/2000

A simple story about a man named Henry who went looking for America. This hyperfiction uses Flash action scripting to present a random ever-changing account of Henry's journey.

DeViDUAL - 8/11/2000

Everyone wants to be happy. Everyone wants to be an individual. Everyone wants to belong. This was my first experiment in producing an animated hyperfiction using Flash.


Careless Behaviour - 28/10/1999

If you find yourself with time on your hands why not indulge in a bit of careless behaviour? This animated hyperfiction collage needs a reasonably decent connection speed to do it justice.

In Portugal by Accident - 23/5/1999

This was my first real experiment in image-based hyperfiction. It uses JavaScript to generate a new combination of images each time it is viewed. Think of it as kind of a random self-portrait.