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Solid Metal Override – 9/03/2021 onwards

So there’s this bar, right? Solid Metal Override. Tucked away down in Outer Ring Sector 23, where only the robots can go. The regulars there are a friendly enough bunch – just so long as your credit’s good and your flesh is non-existent. Why not stop in every Tuesday for a little look-see?

Brain Fist – 18/07/2019 onwards

Falling out of a forgotten internet comes a comic series originally created for the iPod Color in an almost alternate 2005. Long since lost to the web, Brain Fist originally ran at E-merl from 9th June 2005 to 7th August 2007. These collected musings of seven strange souls can now be found once more on a portable view screen near you every Thursday. Brain Fist: Comics you hold in your head.

Ghosts of the Great Mistake – 5/09/2017 to 2/03/2021

Something went wrong and everybody died. For the unquiet spirits of the fallen kingdom, this much at least is certain. But what was the nature of the Great Mistake? Could it possibly have been avoided? And just whose fault was the whole thing anyway? Ghosts of the Great Mistake ran weekly at E-merl and in mobile-friendly infinite canvas format over at Webtoon.

Dice With The Universe – 18/02/2014 to 31/5/2016

Dice With The Universe was a weekly webcomic serial charting the adventures of reluctant heroine, Beatrice Dice. Each week Beatrice’s fate was determined by the roll of the readers’ dice. Just what did the Universe (and the dice) have in store for Beatrice? Now you can discover the entire elephant-enriched answer in one epic read through.

MASIVO – 30/07/2012 to 6/12/2013

Citizens of Beta City beware, for MASIVO has come and destruction shall surely follow in his wake. Surely! MASIVO originally ran twice-weekly at E-merl, but now you can read the whole science fiction saga in one atomic-flame-drenched sitting.

100 Planets – 12/4/2010 to 5/3/2012

100 Planets was a weekly webcomic series, broadcasting across the farthest reaches of the cosmos every Monday for 100 weeks. Listening posts were also established over at Modern Tales and, via the wonders of minicomics, here at E-merl.

The Rule Of Death – 27/10/2006 to 11/11/2011

Pete Colby doesn’t want to die. So he doesn’t. And that’s where the problems begin. Illustrated by Douglas Noble, this epic kitchen-sink zombie western ran for five years at Serializer and can now also be read in its entirety right here at E-merl.

All Knowledge Is Strange – 7/7/2007 to 8/4/2010

A pictorial almanac of necessary facts, featuring a unique mixture of new history, negative fact, miscellaneous wisdom and beautiful lies. All Knowledge Is Strange was E-merl’s second regularly updating series and it also ran twice a week at Modern Tales. All in all it featured rather more giraffes than I had expected.

Necessary Monsters – 27/5/2008 to 23/9/2009

“There exists a world of horrors beneath the one we know. To police this world there is The Chain; a covert agency of monsters and killers, charged with keeping the human herd from ever growing too thin.” Myself and Sean Azzopardi’s new graphic novel, originally serialised online twice a week.

The Nile Journals – 2003 to 2004

Being the weekly journals of Mr. Nile – a self-aware narrative entity and recent arrival in the sprawling west coast conurbation of Anyopolis, USA. The series originally ran at Serializer back in 2003 but then fell of the face of the web following a particularly horrible server crash in 2004.

The Mr. Nile Experiment – 28/2/2003

In 2003 I broke off a little piece of myself and sent it away into fiction, to see what it could find. Turns out it found quite a lot. So I agreed to give Mr. Nile the twenty-eight days of February to share his findings with the world.


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