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The Last Sane Cowboy & Other Stories – 30/1/2007

I’m rather pleased with this one. The cover for my Unfolded Earth collection from AiT incorporates elements from several of the original mini-comics and the whole thing just kinda pops. Also features Larry Young’s new favourite shade of red.

Sequential Tart Cover – 2/6/2005

A cover image to accompany the interview I did for the June issue of Sequential Tart. The Stars & Stripes that features in the image is taken from a photo I took in Chinatown while I was out in San Francisco for APE.

Stranger Than You Know – 18/3/2004

A flyer I produced to promote E-merl at the UK Webcomix Thing. The image is something of a greatest hits mega-mix and includes elements taken from Sixgun, I Bleed Scorpions, The Illustrated Bastard, Day 29 and Fever.

Mr. Nile: The Illustrated Bastard – 14/7/2003

This is the front cover of the Mr. Nile book that I created for Comic-Con International in 2003. Currently out of print but I’m sure some day I’ll get round to reprinting it.

The 7 Guys of Justice #14 – 17/12/2001

The cover I designed for Brian Joines smart little superhero comic. Unfortunately, 7 Guys went on hiatus before issue 14 could see publication. Such has often been my luck with print comics work.

Sixgun: Tales From An Unfolded Earth – 25/9/2001

This was a promotional image I produced to advertise my experimental hypercomic anthology during its initial run at Comic Book Resources. The collected version of Sixgun can now also be viewed right here.

Zodiac – 13/8/2001

I’ve been a fan of Dan Curtis Johnson ever since his work on Chase for DC. When I heard NextComics were looking for artists to illustrate Dan’s Zodiac series, I jumped at the chance.

Hawks do not Share – 16/2/2001

An e-book cover I made for the now defunct Crossroads Publishing. I did a bunch of covers for Crossroads, but this is probably the one that turned out the best.