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More Comics


They’re comics… but on the web! I’m sure this concept is going to catch on any time now and may one day prove to be quite popular among the chattering classes. Here you can see my own attempts at mastering the form, going back for more than a decade now. I remember when all this was fields…

Print Comics

It’s not all about the electronic interwebs here at E-merl. Sometimes we go out into the dead-tree mines and hew our selves an honest to goodness comicbook! And then we staple those comics together into a fearsome looking graphic novel! And then we dance around fire and cook meat but we don’t eat the meat because we’re actually a vegetarian but still we cook it! And then we have a little lie down.


An archive of my old interactive narrative work, created back when I was working towards my Masters degree in Hyperfiction


Sometimes I actually do non-sequential illustrations too! Not so much lately though. But feel free to take a peek through my illustration work of yesteryear.