12:8. The End

12:8. The End

And that’s us done. A massive thank you to everyone who’s stuck with us during the five (5!) years it’s taken to complete our little tale of a piano player that refused to stay dead. My biggest thanks must of course go to Douglas, who’s illustrative genius made the whole series possible in the first place. I hope everyone’s enjoyed their stay with Pete and company and that you’ll all join me today in raising a glass of something suitably celebratory for the grand finale. Cheers, folks!

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  1. Dues says:

    That’s one heck of an ending. I like the private club for dead people.

  2. Vole says:


  3. Eric says:

    I don’t suppose you’ve considered printing these all up as a book, have you?

    I’d buy the hell out of it.

  4. Zaratustra says:

    Congratulations! And yes, a vote for the book.

  5. Talha Muftee says:

    WOW!! what an awesome ending!! hoping to see a book or any other adaption. Cheers from Pakistan.

  6. █████ says:

    I’ve enjoyed all of the works here on e-merl.com

    This one especially.

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