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Electricomics Goes Live (And Also To Mexico)

Electricomics Goes Live (And Also To Mexico) published on 1 Comment on Electricomics Goes Live (And Also To Mexico)

The Electricomics app is now live and available for download on iPad! Yay! Since release we’ve been getting lots of press in places like Wired, The Guardian and Bleeding Cool, with more stories and reviews popping up all the time (probably most easily tracked via the Electricomics blog itself). And this is just the first stage of the Electricomics rollout – the comic creator toolkit will be following along shortly, as well as a new little demo comic by yours truly called Grandfather’s Hammer. More news on both these fronts in the next few weeks.

Now on to the other half of the news headline – tomorrow morning I’m hopping on a plane to Mexico to attend El Festival in Cuernavaca. Double Yay! I’ve been invited to the show along with Leah Moore to talk about digital comics in general and the Electricomic project in particular. We’ll be there to network and spread the Electricomic gospel throughout the week, with a special digital comics masterclass scheduled in for Friday evening. If you’re reading this and happen to be attending the festival then do be sure to say hello if you spot me. Questions, queries and random offerings of tequila will be very much welcomed.

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