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New Punches For Old

New Punches For Old published on 1 Comment on New Punches For Old

Massive thanks to everyone who’s enjoyed and supported Brain Fist during its 113-episode run. It was all for you, every single one of you, and I hope the series’ departure will not leave too crushing a void in your Tuesday morning lives. There will be a new series replacing BF here at E-merl, but I’m still figuring out exactly what that will be. Stay tuned for breaking news as it happens.

I’ve been asked by some if there’ll be a book collection of Brain Fist and the answer is I hope so. There’ve been a few nibbles from prospective publishers and I’m currently in the process of packaging the whole thing up and sending it off to my agent to see if he can make something happen. Fingers crossed everybody.

In other business – at the beginning of the year I finished a script for an Avengers short story for Marvel Comics. I decided it was best to keep quiet on the matter at the time and it was a good job I did as the book I was writing for went and got itself cancelled before the first issue even came out. However, I still got paid for my story and it looks like the thing will eventually see print in an Avengers Special sometime around the end of this year.

The story itself is called Emperor None & The Sky Full of Moons and stars Spider-man, Wolverine, Luke Cage and a new villain of my own creation. That I got to write Peter and Logan on my first turn at bat still kind of amazes me, but there you go. I’ll let you know more details on where and when you can actually read the thing as soon as I’m able too.