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SICAF & Other Derangements

SICAF & Other Derangements published on 5 Comments on SICAF & Other Derangements

Four DerangementsUsually around this time I’d be busy making preparations for my annual pilgrimage to San Diego but this year things are going to be a little different, as later today I’ll be heading off to South Korea instead. The organisers of the Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival have invited me across to present a retrospective of my experimental webcomic and hypercomic work as part of this year’s festival. My contribution to proceedings will include an exhibition of thirteen specially translated hypercomics and an accompanying talk given as part of the digital comics conference being held at SICAF.

I’ve wanted to return to my old experimental webcomic stomping grounds for a while now, and the invite to SICAF has finally given me a decent excuse to do so. My renewed musings on the possibilities of the digital comics form resulted eventually in the creation of a brand new hypercomic – a rather odd little thing called Four Derangements. Follow the link and take a look-see for yourself or, if you happen to be passing Soeul next week, stop by SICAF for an exclusive read of the Korean version.


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