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Wave Of The Future

Wave Of The Future published on 2 Comments on Wave Of The Future

This Saturday I’ve been invited to talk on a couple of panels at Sci-Fi London. The first is on Comics as Sci-Fi Literature and the second is about Robots & Reality. I confess to having little clue as to what exactly qualifies me to talk on either subject, but I’m sure I should be able to come up with some enjoyable on the day (my recent Iron Man story has both Scf-Fi and robots. I imagine I shall just have to repeat this fact again and again until they politely ask me to leave).

May is actually looking to be a rather busy month here at E-merl Towers. In two weeks time on Saturday 23rd I’ll also be attending The London Movie, Comics & Media Expo. At the show I’ll be sharing a table with Sean Azzopardi and imagine we’ll both being doing our damndest to push Necessary Monsters on the unsuspecting members of the cosplay crowd. Free comics for anyone dressed as a Sci-Fi robot… monster… thing. Yes.

Oh, and while I’m thinking about matters Science Fictional, I realise I have been remiss in pointing out Mister Noble’s recently begun comic serial, Complex. A fine slice of apocalypse fiction set within a mysterious complex full of dysfunctional scientists, the strip is currently updating twice a week at Strip For Me. Go look!


Hello Daniel Goodbrey
Old student from Uni of Hertfordshire 🙂 (the one who tried the Flash Manga/Hypercomic)

Seems like you’re on Panels all the time. Sounds great that you’re heading to London Expo, only been there once, gathered there for penspinning with a infamous guy in the world of penspinning. May just try and promote it in the UK with comics 🙂

You’ll probably see people cosplay as pokemon, Monster Hunter’s, Lelouch, Storm Troopers (usually two of them), geezers cosplaying girls (Theres a Sakura (Naruto) one, bare hairy legs LOL)…

all in all, take care, you may just …spot a couple of scary cosplayers out there…

– G

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