17. Tis The Season

17. Tis The Season

Hey look, a festive-themed strip for Christmas! There hasn’t been one of those at E-merl since… yikes! 2011! Happy Holidays everyone!


Your Majesty?
Ah, Minister.

Are we doing enough?
Enough, your Majesty?

Yes. Should we be doing more?

What sort of… “more” were you thinking of, your Majesty?

Well… you know. ‘Tis the season, and all that. I was thinking perhaps… a proclamation?
So our subjects know that it’s not all that bad and, despite everything, we still have their best interests at heart?

Ah, I see! Certainly, your majesty. And what exactly should the proclamation say?


His Highness The King commands all good and loyal citizens to BE MERRY

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