44. Two Halves

44. Two Halves

And it’s Lao Tzu with a late equalizer in the last minute of extra time.


They say it’s a game of two halves.
What, football?

No, death.
How is death a game of two halves?

Well, at the end of the day, it’s all about the eleven men on the pitch, isn’t it?

No… that’s… that’s football again.

Look… what I’m saying about death… is that if you send the keeper the wrong way-

But If the players give 110%-

Over the moo-
Sick as a-

Life and death are one thread-
Foot- …wait. Go on….
Well, they’re just the same line viewed from different sides, aren’t they?

So the important thing is not to get caught in the offside trap when you-

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