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Empire Of Odd – 18/11/2009

A five part webcomic serial I created for Ctrl.Alt.Shift as part of their anti-corruption comics anthology. The story takes the MP expenses scandal in the UK as it’s kicking off point, but ends up somewhere altogether stranger. Originally serialised across Ctrl.Alt.Shift’s blog, I’ve now assembled the whole thing into one glorious, infinite canvas scroll here at E-merl.

Icarus Tangents – 8/5/2005

At long last! Because no one demanded it! It’s the triumphant return of everyone’s favourite semi-sane, semi-unemployed comic book writer, Icarus Creeps! Now infused with new Tarquin Engine zoomy-ness! Yum!

The Mongoose and The Weasel – 23/4/2004

This story is my contribution to the second annual British Webcomic Piss-Up. It started off as being a simple story about a dragon in love, but ended up mutating into the weird little fable you now see before you.

Day 29 – 29/2/2004

My second attempt at a 24-Hour Comic. This one follows the rules of the Nile Variant: Intend to make a 24-Hour Comic, fail utterly and then cheat blatantly. It also serves as a sequel of sorts to last year’s Mr. Nile Experiment.

Kicking Hitler To Death – 28/4/2003

This violent little tale was written by me and illustrated by John Barber. Originally created for paying subscribers to Modern Tales Longplay, the comic is now available to be read for free at E-merl. You lucky, lucky people.

Fever – 25/11/2002

My first attempt at Scott McCloud’s 24-Hour Comic challenge. By the end of the twenty-four hour stint I was hallucinating and experiencing periods of total memory loss. 24-Hour Comics, kids – they’re cheaper than drugs.

Inanimate Monkey Adventures! – 1/7/2002

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It’s a deformed plastic monkey! Beware wrong-thinkers, for Inanimate Monkey is on the loose! Although I suppose he won’t really get very far. Since he’s, you know, inanimate and everything. Um…

Dismember – 16/5/2002

Hot from the panels of Doodleflak comes The Ninja With No Arms in his first solo adventure! Can our favourite amputee hero survive against the outlandish attack of the deadly Twins Dismember? Senseless violence guaranteed!

Weirdness Pending – 5/3/2002

Haunted television sets, possessed puppets and the true secret of fire – this webcomic has it all. However, since it’s a big, mean, full-colour monster of an infinite canvas story, it might take a little while to load on slower connections.

Too Late – 3/1/2002

Where else could Garfield the cat meet John Carpenter’s Prince of Darkness in a loving tribute to George Orwell’s 1984? This one came about as a result of my musings on the current political climate, post September 11th. 2012 update: now only seems to work in Internet Explorer, annoyingly.

The Tragic Death of an Animated Gif – 6/11/2001

I had planned to produce a work of epic scope and majesty that would prove to be the final word on the use of animation in comics. Sadly, all I had time to do was this. But look! Mindless violence!

A Webcomic Tetrad – 28/5/2001

A slight change of pace in this Flash based webcomic that explores how McLuhan’s four laws of media can be applied to the medium of webcomics. Amazingly, no one gets killed in the process.

Interview with a Madman – 20/2/2001

A story that makes as much sense as it’s supposed to. Special thanks go to Edmond Halley, Ian Whitt and the mysterious Walter Plinge for playing their respective roles.

The April Murders – 8/1/2001

A short webcomic about murder and the end of the world. I’m not sure whether this one is meant to be funny or just plain disturbing. Probably both, knowing the way my mind works.

Rust – 1999 – 2000

Gods die. Angels Rust. Life goes on. This unfinished webcomic serial was drawn by me and written by Alasdair Watson for PopImage. It was nominated for an Eagle Award in the favourite online strip category. Sadly now missing from the web, presumed lost.

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