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Things! Happening! Now! And Soon!

Things! Happening! Now! And Soon! published on 2 Comments on Things! Happening! Now! And Soon!

It’s way-to-early in the morning and I’m just about to set off up to Leeds for the Thought Bubble comic festival taking place today. Should probably have mentioned that on the blog a little while ago but organisation is at times something of an alien concept to me. For example, I recently seem to have misplaced the month of October. Perhaps I should check down the back of the sofa?

Anyhoo, do pop along to myself and Sean Azzopardi’s table if you happen to be passing by, yes? We’ll have comics and such for purchase and more sleep-deprived witty banter than you can shake a rather tired, confused stick at. If you can’t make it to Leeds, then next weekend I’ll be at the ICA for the Comiket small press show as part of this year’s Comica events. I’m also one the folk behind this year’s Comica Potential Comic, the web version of which should be showing up on E-merl in the nearish future.

I’ve a bunch more news titbits to share but I’m rather running out time. Expect a follow up news post to follow soon (“soon” being the most relative of terms).


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