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Infamy, Infamy

Infamy, Infamy published on 1 Comment on Infamy, Infamy

inFamous 2Hi everybody! It’s been simply forever since I wrote a news post here, hasn’t it? So here’s one big post to bring you up to speed on stuff I’ve been up to since last November. In reverse chronological order and starting right now, the comic project I’ve been working on for Sony to promote their new videogame, inFamous 2 has just gone live. I was brought onboard by Margaret and John Doe to design the Flash interface for a series of comics written by the great Pat Mills and illustrated by a whole host of talented illustrators. Go take a look and be sure to check out the credits for the full list of everyone involved.

Next up is Comics Launchpad which I was at yesterday, delivering a talk on the new frontiers of digital comics. The talk went very well and the event as whole was a real eye-opener. Met a lot of new and interesting comics folk who I hope I’ll be seeing again somewhere soon around the scene. I also got lots of requests from people for a copy of the presentation that accompanied my talk – any interested parties I haven’t got back to yet should drop me a tweet and I’ll send on a copy of the pdf.

Turning the clock a little further back to April we have the release of Paper Science 4, for which I created a rather dark little tale entitled When She Sleeps. Copies should still be available for purchase via We Are Words + Pictures so do drop by for a copy if you haven’t picked one up already.

And lastly way, way back in December last year I was invited by the British Council to give a talk and presentation of my work to a visiting delegation of comics folk from the Strip Turnhout comics festival in Belgium. This was a great opportunity for me to get a window into the Belgian comics scene and should hopefully lead to another exciting project I can’t tell you about yet. But in the meantime if anyone’s interested, a full report of the delegation’s visit has been published here.

In between the above I have been busy learning ActionScript 3 and hatching various dark plots which will hopefully be coming to fruition over the course of the summer. Expect to hear a lot more on such matters soon.

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