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To Belgium! Again!

To Belgium! Again! published on No Comments on To Belgium! Again!

It has been simply an age since my last news post, hasn’t it? Since last we spoke I’ve finished two series (Farewell to Rule and Nile!) spoken at a couple of conferences (namely Transitions 2 and Comics Forum 2011), become a comic character, started studying for my Professional Doctorate in Design and – oh hey! – I got married. Twice! (Um… to the same girl, I should stress. The second time was in Belgium!).

Anyway! I thought I should probably write a quick news post to bring you all up to speed on the above and also let everyone know I will shortly be returning to Belgium for non-matrimonial purposes. From December 9th to 11th I’ll be attending Strip Turnhout 2011, where I’ll be taking part in an exhibition of British experimental cartoonists, alongside Karrie Fransman, Rachel Emily Taylor and Douglas Noble. I’ll be showing a selection of print-remixes of my hypercomic work , including an early look at my new game-comic opus, A Duck Has An Adventure. So do pop along for a peek if you happen to be in Flanders this weekend.

Casting my comics crystal ball further ahead, I see that in March I’m also going to be part of an exhibition entitled Morning Serial at the Henry Art Gallery in Seattle. The Mr Nile Experiment is going to rubbing shoulders with a veritable passel of great webcomics in what sounds like an interesting sampling of our ever-growing scene. The gallery is currently running a survey to determine which webcomics are going to be included in the online portion of the exhibition, so I encourage you all to go vote for your favourites here.

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