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Digital Comics Unmasked

Digital Comics Unmasked published on 1 Comment on Digital Comics Unmasked

Hey look, it’s May! How did that happen? It seems since February a few of the vague events hinted at in my last news post have now come to pass, so time for some updates. First off, UK readers may already have heard of the Comics Unmasked exhibition that’s just opened at the British Library, as it’s been getting lots and lots of favourable press. What folk may not know is that as part of the show I was asked to curate an exhibit of significant digital comics by UK creators. You can read more details about the exhibit in the press release over here and I’d heartily recommend anyone visiting London over the summer to go and take a peek in person.

Elsewhere in the world of digital comics, we’ve recently put out a call for participation for a second academic journal focussed on the medium. Myself and Jayms Nichols will be co-editing an edition of the Networking Knowledge journal and we’re keen to accept abstracts that examine all aspects of comics crossover with digital media. Full details of the call are over here. In related news, I’m going to be presenting some of my own recent research into sound in comics at the Digital Reading Network‘s first symposium. The event is taking place on June 19th in Bournemouth and is still open for registration for those that fancy coming along.

And finally, a look into the Internet’s crystal ball has revealed that I’m going to be a guest at The Lakes festival in October. I’ll be there to take part in a discussion about digital comics with Scott McCloud, who is just about the best person to be discussing that with ever. Book your tickets now or risk missing out on what critics everywhere are sure to call “two friends having quite a nice chat about comics.”

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