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Key Terms in Comic Studies

Key Terms in Comic Studies published on No Comments on Key Terms in Comic Studies

Happy 2022 everybody! This is just a quick February update to point everyone in the direction of the recently published Key Terms in Comic Studies from Palgrave Macmillan. The book aims to provide “a glossary of over 300 terms and critical concepts currently used in the Anglophone academic study of comics.” And four of those terms have entries written by yours truly. So if you want to learn the (comic academic-related) meaning of the terms “architecture,” “game,” “hybrid” and “sound” then now you know exactly the place to look.

Not much else to report at present, although I’m currently slowly working away on some new print comic projects that will hopefully see the light of day eventually. And in the meantime, Solid Metal Override continues it’s weird robotic journey at E-merl and Webtoon. This week will even be the 50th episode! How time flies when you’re a bunch of robotic rejects stuck in a bar on a run-down intergalactic space station…

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