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105. Funny?

105. Funny? published on No Comments on 105. Funny?

Okay, so here’s the news post past me wrote about this strip back in 2007:

“This is the 105th Brain Fist strip, which is a milestone of sorts as it means every character in the series has had exactly 15 strips told about them. Next week one lucky character gets a sixteenth strip all to themselves (haven’t decided who yet) and then we’re into the final seven – a series of double-sized strips to see out the end of the series and bring a little closure to proceedings. Who lives? Who dies!? Find out soon!”

Thanks for building the hype, past me. Onward to the end times!



Concepts get confused down here. Love and hate. Right and wrong.

And you try to keep things straight.
You’re doing terrible things and still you tell yourself.

“I’m not enjoying this. This isn’t funny.”

But sooner or later… you can’t escape it.
Hell isn’t funny.

It’s hilarious.

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