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34. Perfection

34. Perfection published on No Comments on 34. Perfection

My notes for the original creation of this strip back in 2006 reveal the following:

“Some strips pretty much write themselves, while others emerge as a result of focused Brain Fist writing sessions. This week’s strip is an example of the latter and – I think – a pretty successful example. Sometimes when I have to actually sit down and make myself write an episode of BF, I worry about the outcome feeling a bit too forced. But in this week’s strip I’m particularly pleased with how well everything came together after the initial push.”



Can you imagine what it’s like to meet someone truly without flaw?

To see everything you could ever be in somebody else.

To see that and know you can never be that perfect.
Never. No matter what you do. No matter how hard you try.

Spend five minutes in a room with an angel.

Then you’ll understand Hell.

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