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50. Complex

50. Complex published on 1 Comment on 50. Complex

Ooh! For once I have actual extensive notes on the creation of a strip. Take it away, 2006 me:

“This strip took a long time to write. The core of it I had years ago, long before I started on Brain Fist. Then, once BF got going, I added it to my ideas file for the series and worked at it every now and then to try and get it into some sort of usable shape. The script finally fell into place a few weeks back but then I needed to find a good spot for it in the rotation. Cue this week, with all my characters having now shared the same amount of stage time and a new cycle ready to begin – ‘Complex’ seemed like a decent choice to kick things off.”



He told me to grow up. Can you believe that?
Like getting a bit taller answers all your worries.

Life’s not about growing up. It’s about growing complex.

Complex enough to deal with a world in which you are just one tiny, tiny, fraction of a part.

I suppose I could have told him that.

But I think the bullet I left in his right kneecap made my point for me.

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