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90. Performance Review

90. Performance Review published on No Comments on 90. Performance Review

Looking at this strip today, I’m struck by how neat that little line leading to the piece of paper with the dot on the end of it looks. Nice design, past-me! I’m wondering though, did past-me make that up himself, or did he steal it from another comic somewhere? Sadly my notes for this strip just reveal that I was excited to have reached the 90th Brain Fist episode and also that I had “managed to fit five strips into the shortest month of the year. Eat it, February!” It was a simpler time.


Performance Review

“Do you consider yourself:”

A) Evil.
B) Insanely evil.
C) Maniacally evil.
D) Misunderstood.

“What is the main focus of the next six months of your eternity in Hell?”

A) Punishment of the guilty.
B) Torture of the wicked.
C) Smiting of unjust sinners.

D) The final overthrow of the forces of Heaven and death of the tyrant God.

Satan is really very goal orientated.

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