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235. Ascend

235. Ascend published on 8 Comments on 235. Ascend

And that was Dice With The Universe! A massive thank you to everyone who ever rolled a dice to see what would happen next. It is accurate to say that this series never could have happened the way it did without you. It’s been a lot of fun chronicling the adventures of Beatrice, Cromwell and The Elephants across the last two-and-a-bit years. It’s also still mildly terrifying to remember that for all that time I had no idea which way the dice would fall from one week to the next. Fortunately, even though Dice has ended, I still have plenty of mild terror to go around – my next job is to at last finish writing up my doctoral thesis on digital comics. You can expect E-merl to go quiet for the next few months while I take care of that little bit of business. See you on the flip side!


That’s a good question! I like to think most people really rolled because it’s just more fun that way. I also like to think that if anyone was rolling a little dishonestly, the cosmic dice gods tilted the rolls of everyone else to make up for it.

I really loved the series, but…for some reason…this felt kind of, well, unsatisfying…
Do you plan on making an indirect sequel? It’s likely no, but I would like to see more of the world of Dice, like…well, this already seems too long, but the question is: Will you make a little prequel? Not now, but sometime later? There’s just quite a few holes, and I thought this would be longer.

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