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Tachelock: Anyway… where were we?
Mechra: You were nowhere.

Mechra: The debate you were engaged in is a meaningless one.
Mechra: The simple truth of the matter is that there is no such thing as “nature” to begin with.

Mechra: The great beasts of Verdigrave Five are no accident.
Mechra: They were deliberately evolved there at the behest of one of the progenitor races in eons past.

Mechra: All organic life in the Universe was seeded and crafted by the progenitors, who in turn were creations of the technogestalts that came before.

Mechra: Even the patterns of time itself are but shapes carved by intelligences that exist outside of our four, familiar dimensions.

Mechra: Arguments about the relative merits of organic or inorganic life matter little.
Mechra: For all there is, was and ever will be proceeds only by design.

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