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Sol: “Wing it and-”
Sol: You realise there are lifeforms in existence other than yourself, right?

Sol: And by not learning the basic fundamentals of our emergency procedures you’re putting them in danger as well as yourself?
Tachelock: Yeah, you know which “lifeforms” were in charge of writing all those procedures?

Tachelock: Fucking bipeds, that’s who! With their soft, squishy organic bodies and weird obsession with ladders.

Tachelock: Am I really the only one in here who refused the imposition of their limbist dogma?

JEDCØP: The Judge made completing the Basic a condition of JEDCØP’s release into the community.
Sol: Of course I’ve passed it! I wouldn’t have got the licence to open the bar without it.

Tachelock: Unbelievable. Only now do I see how far the shackles of their control truly reaches.

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