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X2: Sorry! There was this thing with a client and then I got stuck chatting to someone at the bazaar.
X2: The time just got away from me a little.

Tachelock: See, the problem here-
X2: Do not say this is to do with my “priorities” again.

Tachelock: The problem here is your priorities.
X2: It’s not about my priorities!

X2: It’s about the fact that I actually have a social life, rather than just hanging out in the bar all day.
Tachelock: Whoa! Really? You’re going to insult JEDCØP like that after he went to all the trouble of organising tonight’s game?

X2: Wait, what? I wasn’t talking about-
JEDCØP: It’s okay, JEDCØP is not insulted.

JEDCØP: Fostering a range of healthy social interactions takes considerable processing power that JEDCØP would rather dedicate to an increasingly intricate series of elaborate revenge fantasies.

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