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Tachelock: Wait, you’ve met your evil doppelganger!? Here at the gate?
X2: Oh no, it was before I arrived at the Altergate.

X2: I guess it was kind of like you said – the result of a bumpy ride.
X2: Something quantum-ish went wrong with this random doohickie while we were in transit.

X2: And then… there they were.
Caption: XX-2X. Freelance sexbot assassin. Unnecessarily spikey.

Tachelock: So… did they try to murder you or…?

X2: What? No! I told you – we got on quite well.
Tachelock: You also said they were evil!

X2: Well… yeah.
X2: Let’s just say that you did not want to get 2X talking about politics.

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