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Sol: Okay, okay sure. But a robot vampire? I just don’t see why-

JEDCØP: The Robovamp has stuck again!
Tachelock: Gasp!
X2: Gasp!
Sol: *sigh*

JEDCØP: JEDCØP just heard it from HEDBØT who has a batch-mate in Sector 20 that knows a maintenance droid in 19.
JEDCØP: They’ve found a sixth victim!

Tachelock: Same deal as before? Puncture wounds on the neck and all?
JEDCØP: Exactly the same! Totally drained of coolant, just like the others.

X2: Wow. I never thought I’d be so glad not to have a neck.
Tachelock: Yeah, I guess we all dodged a bullet on that one.

Tachelock: Oh. Er… sorry, JEDCØP.

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