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X2: You should make an effort to keep that database up to date.
X2: Some species can get really funny if you make mistakes about that sort of thing.

Solace: I-
Tentakitty69: 3 waving hand emoji.

Tentakitty69: Smiley face. Waving hand. Heart Eyes.

X2: Oh! I think this is my client!
Solace: Off you go then – I’ll be fine waiting on my own.

Solace: Tentakitty69?
Tentakitty69: Octopus. Kitten. Eggplant.
X2: Ah! Great!

Solace: Have fun!
X2: We will!
Tentakitty69: Eggplant. Egglplant. Eggplant.

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