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JEDCØP: JEDCØP was built to fight a never ending war on crime.

JEDCØP: But when JEDCØP collapsed his prime timeline, all crime in that instance of reality ceased to exist.

JEDCØP: So in JEDCØP’s opinion, JEDCØP won the war on a technicality.
JEDCØP: And that makes him the mightiest warrior of all.

Tachelock: You know what? That’s the sort of logic I can get behind.

Tachelock: To technicalities!
JEDCØP & Solace: Technicalities!!!

Caption: JEDCØP’s Positive Affirmation Corner
JEDCØP: If life gives you lemons, use a Localised Time Displacement Field to kill the lemon farmer’s grandfather.

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